If you look at the word ‘distressed’ you can’t miss the majority of that word being. ‘Stressed!’ And when we hear from distressed owners, that is exactly what they categorize themselves as. Stressed. Once you add trying to sell your home to this equation it can get out of control and hard to plan with everything else going on in your life. One way to ease that stress is by reading this article. Following these 5 tips for selling a distressed property in Georgetown can help to reduce that burden. Let’s get started!

Tip#1: Avoid Costly Realtors

If you decide to go the route to list your home on the multiple listing service with a realtor you will be subject to higher fees often with poor results. The time, energy, and money it will take to make your house market ready can be a daunting task, especially for a home that you want to sell. By selling directly to a professional home buyer like ACF Development Group, you can have your house sold for cash as it currently sits right now! There are no long listing periods or expensive commissions due, just a cash offer for your home that can close when and where you want.

Tip#2: The Perfect Buyer for Your House

The secret is out, there is a long list of people who make a living purchasing distressed homes. Find out exactly where these people are and start a conversation, it will be worth your time no matter what route you choose. Investors and independent buyers are looking for homes just like yours so join some of these local online groups and call some local investors. It’s always better to pursue your ideal buyer rather than hope the right one happens to find you.

Tip#3: Understand and Exercise Patience

Patience is a virtue when trying to sell your distressed property. Buyers looking for a fixer-upper home are fewer than those looking to buy a move-in ready home so it can take some important time to come across that right buyer. If time is a factor, don’t forget about Tip#2 and reaching out directly to people and companies who are designed to buy distressed homes. When you do, make sure that it is the right buyer for your specific needs and they offer a reasonable price that is agreeable to you. Most importantly, see if they can close on a timeframe that supports your needs. Cash home buyers like ACF Development Group will do just that.

Tip#4: Understand the Value of your House

If you set your asking price of your distressed property on the prices of homes in your surrounding area throughout Georgetown, you might be in for a surprise. Be honest with yourself about the condition of your home. Once you add in the cost of repairs and updates it needs, the value of the home will be less than you anticipated. Be flexible and think about backup plans.

Tip#5: Don’t be in a rush to Sell

When you determine and the price for your home. Potential buyers will see that price and offer you less. This is extremely common. The more desperate you come across, the less they will offer. When you set a realistic price for your home, stand firm on this price. If that price isn’t met, keep showing it as long as you are able to. At ACF Development Group, we will delivery a fair price that takes you and your needs into consideration. Whether you are selling a distressed property in Georgetown or a turnkey ready home that you need to sell fast, we can help.

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