Selling your home to an investor is not something many people know about but it is more common than you think. It comes with many advantages that has the seller directly in mind and you can often be in control of the process compared to the traditional listing of the home on the MLS.

You can avoid the stress of a complex transaction process and sell directly to a traditional investor or home buyer. These kinds of sales typically allow you to avoid things like complicated inspection contingencies and all together avoid appraisal concerns and/or buyer financing issues.

This means your home will sell fast and be an As-is purchase, so no major renovations or dumping money into the house only to trade that time and effort to potentially get the same amount of profit on the market. Did we mention no realtor fees to add into the sale!

The risk that you won’t close because the seller doesn’t have the funds is gone. You will receive a cash offer and close when you choose. This avoids the lender not financing all or some of the deal due to the buyer’s credit score or the condition of the house changing the terms of the pre-approved amount.

Additionally, there can be flexible purchase arrangements made with an investor. If the home is underwater or you need help with the mortgage and prefer to stay in the home, a sale-leaseback transaction can help you get you on your feet.

Most importantly, if you want to be out of the property fast this is the best way to get you there. We spend the additional time working with you and then spend our time finding the best buyer for the home after the transaction, not waiting for the perfect buyer on your time.

If you don’t have the energy to keep up with your property and want to purchase or lease a different home that is more suitable to your current lifestyle than this non-traditional way to sell your home is the way to go.

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